Success #2

Many books and sports equipment finally arrived at our partner schools in Arusha
With your donation we have been able to provide the children at both the Nadosoito and Shining Star Primary School
with stationary, books and sports equipment.
New Study Materials
Recently, a few deliveries of school books were happily received by the students at the Shining Star School in Tanzania. Thanks to your generous support we have been able to not only provide the children with Maths books, but also books for some other subjects, such as English. Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 can now finally study from appropriate learning materials, which is an important stepping stone on our way to meeting all eleven teaching principles we have set.
"It was just fantastic to see the kids cheerfully play with the new equipment. Many of them had never seen a real football before" - Shemu Langei, Local Head of Operations
In the Losiyo School, basic equipment for sports lessons at school was lacking. With a new set of footballs, students can now play a game of football, which is something they are extremely passionate about. We all know, that in order to learn the most, you also need to have a little fun, right?
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