Success #1

Three new canopies
With your donation we have been able to build three new canopies in front of the main school building at the Nadosoito Primary School. They provide the children with shelter from the rain and enable them to gather safely before and after class.
Can you tell how far a donation can go in Arusha? The 650 students at Nadosoito Primary School are very happy that they can now wait in front of class without getting wet!
Shelter from the rain
As you may have noticed, the roofs of Nadosoito Primary School are in very poor condition. As a result, the heavy rains in Tanzania lead to muddy terrain and a terrible learning environment.

As a first priority, we decided - along with our local representative - to build new side roofs and walkways. In just a couple of weeks, an unpaved dirt track was transformed into a secure, paved walkway, covered by strong canopies. This allows children to wait outside the classroom before and after class without getting soaked in ankle-deep mud.
We are very proud that, with your help, we have been able to have a long-term positive influence on the 650 children of the Nadosoito Primary School in such a short amount of time.
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