New roofs for the rainy season

Quick action is required before the next rain season, since multiple roofs are in danger of collapsing at Nadosoito Primary School. Renewing them would not only protect the students from heavy rainfalls, but could potentially even save their lives.
Stars for Africa aims to provide a safe study-environment for the children of the
Nadosoito Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania. Can you help us to achieve this goal?
Children in Danger
No child should be in danger while sitting in the classroom. Unfortunately, the children of the Nadosoito Primary School in Tanzania find themselves in an unsafe environment every day they go to school. Some of the supporting beams of the roof are rotten and the metal sheets covering the construction are perforated. As a result, rain finds its way into the classrooms, softening the clay floors in the classes, which further worsens the learning environment. For about 1.200€ up to 80 children could get a new roof and withstand the next rainy season safely.
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