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COVID-19 Update
Stars for Africa is continuing its efforts to provide its students with the best possible access to education in a safe environment. For this reason, we have procured close to 1,500 reusable protective masks for all of our students and teachers at partner schools, as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents. Additionally, we have launched an information campaign about the SARS-COV-2 virus. Thanks to your donation we were able to successfully implement our #OneMaskforEveryChild initiative.
The Stars for Africa team strongly believes that a child can only truly prosper and grow through receiving the best possible education. As such, Stars for Africa is convinced that by providing children in East Africa the learning environment they deserve, it is possible to raise the next generation of stars for Africa with bright futures ahead.
"Stars for Africa believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn, thrive and set the basis for an independent and prosperous future. We want the kids to grow, improve their skillset, and smile as bright as a star shines."

Daniel Guzmics, CEO & Founder
Stars for Africa's impact
Take a look at what we have been able to achieve so far:
Nadosoito Primary School
With more than 650 students, this school is in urgent need of better infrastructure. With barely any rain protection due to the broken roofs, the rainy season is a big challenge for the children of Nadosoito.

Losiyo Primary School
Even though this school has 450 students, there is not a single computer or photocopier available. When combined with a lack of books, this means that students have to copy every piece of information from the board, which is highly inefficient.
Shining Star Primary School
New classrooms are urgently needed to accommodate the growing number of students. Due to a lack of funding, classes 6 & 7 are not in operation. There is also no access to running water or electricity in the washrooms.

Meet our team
The mission of Stars for Africa is to provide the children of Arusha with the same quality-education that our team was able to receive.
Daniel Guzmics
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Emil Nigmatullin
Head of Legal Affairs & Co-Founder
Iris Hämmerle
Chief Financial Officer
Maximilian Kloucek
Chief Marketing Officer
Upcoming projects
Take a look at what we want to work on soon:
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